Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dirt Biking at Tristan Park, Pengerang

I had this chance of going to Tristan Park located at Pengerang, Johor with my group of friends for a 1 day Dirt Biking trip recently and I would like to share my experience there on my blog!

Pengerang is a small town located in Johor and its an hour ferry ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Besides dirt biking, its quite common for Singaporeans to go Pengerang for cycling trip to Desaru because the road there are long and winding with very little traffic.

How we got there:
We charted a bumboat for $120/way for the 10 of us from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Its better this way cause we wouldn't have to wait till the boat reaches 12pax for it to depart. The boat journey takes an hour.

I have no idea why the boat is called a bumboat and not just BOAT. Haha! I was hoping to see something that look like a hovercraft waiting for me at the jetty!! I watched too much James Bond movie!!

First bumboat from Changi Village to Pengerang = 7am
There is no fixed departure timing. Bumboat will depart when there are 12 passengers. ($10/person per way)

Bumboat charter contact: Mr Seng, 9848 8527

The Place: Tristan Park, Pengerang
 We were picked up by Tristan Park workers ard 930am and its only 5 mins from the jetty. The workers weren't really helpful. They literally just sit inside their car and "expect" all of us to load our bags to the boot and get our butts inside the car!!
And when we reached there, it was "Do It Yourself" too!!

I was quite surprised that the place was actually quite run down and not what I expected.

The Bikes:
There are 4 types of bikes available at Tristan Park and there are mainly:
- SGD70 per day for Pitbike.
- SGD90 per day for Yamaha WR/DT 125cc.
- SGD120 per day for KLX150cc.
- SGD150 per day for KTM200cc.

Pit Bikes (Mini Scrambler)
KLX 150cc
If you are a not a beginner, I think the best choice will be to take the KLX150cc because I feel that it is the best maintained bikes (or maybe because it is newer compared to the rest) among all the bikes available and its the only bike that features push button start rather than kick start. There is only 2 KLX150 available at Tristan Park.
KTM 200cc
The rest of the bikes I feel is quite badly maintained/old and one of the main problems we faced during the rides were our engine keep dying off quite frequently and we have to kick start the engine which was quite tiring. And not forgetting we need to put the gear back to neutral which was a hassle too because most of the bikes don't have indication which gear its on. For beginners, it can be quite a challenge!

Practice session (Morning):
For the beginners, the session started with a familiarization of the bike and getting know how to ride the bike!! I think the basic criteria for riding the pit bike will be having a good sense of balance and must at least know how to ride a BICYCLE!!

Practice session
And soon everyone started to ride circles around a tree and besides learning how to make to bike goes forward, the instructor also taught them how to perform Emergency brake!! Which I feel is very very important!

We started our trail biking after our lunch (which was included in the package). You can read more about it by and my review of on Tristan Park and my trail biking adventure at the link below:

Tristan Park Trail Bike (The trail and review)

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